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STM32WB Client configuration general questions


Hi there. We are planning to develop a product that includes 5-7 server nodes based on STM32WB15, and one client node based on STM32WB55 which should receive notifications from the server nodes parse them, and send data to the PC through USB CDC. Each server node should send a packet of data which includes 28 bytes of payload 60 times/sec. Before diving very deep into BLE documentation, as a hardware engineer, I want to know if such a realization is possible and isn't going to be a big headache from the point of view of software engineering. Am I right that the STM32WB client can support simultaneous connection with 8 devices? From a quick look in the WB examples repository I found client realization which shows the realization of the client node but only for one connection to the server node, so I am not absolutely sure about configuration.