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ST-ICUBE-LRWAN - What's the planned development?


Dear ST and Community,
We are using STM32L series in a variety of LoRaWAN IoT Devices.
We have 10 products and have produced roughly 0.5M units so far.

We use the I-CUBE-LRWAN project for a long time. It's a great project, but it looks like the development has stopped. The LoRa Alliance continues improving the LoRaWAN protocol, but it seems like the ST-ICUBE-LRWAN is somewhat stuck in the past. A few examples include lack of FUOTA, Device-to-device communication and more.

I know the project is based on another project called LoRaMAC, which I believe is also discontinued.
The new open-source implementation of the stack is available by Semtech, it is called LoRa Basics Modem and is to be found here:

I wonder if ST is planning to continue improving the ST-ICUBE-LRWAN or we should plan migration to the Semtech implementation? Obviously, it'll be better if experienced engineers from ST port the Semtech stack implementation to STM32L, but I don't know what's your strategy and therefore what to inquire here.

Best regards