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RF Communication with Nucleo-WL55JC Boards - Seeking Guidance

Associate III


Hello ST experts,

I am a beginner with the STM32WL series and need some support.

So first I started with the STM32F407VG disc1 and I tried to communicate two boards of it using a SI4432 module and I didn't succeed, I tried something else and I bought two Nucleo-32WL55JC1 boards and tried to communicate them and it works as shown in the last post.

It works as a ping pong application -you can find a better description about this application in this link page 44- after that I tried by developing the same code of the ping pong application to communicate a nucleo-32wl55jc1 with nucleo-32wl55jc2 because in the datasheet they don't use the same frequency but it works!



Now I am working on RF communication between nucleo-32wl55jc2 and another RF device like a key car or a key garage with the same developed code of the PING PONG application but still I don't have any answer.

My first question is if the NUCLEO-WL55JC cards are able to read RF signals from these RF devices?
The second one is if the code of the PING PONG application forces me to use only NUCLEO-WL55JC boards or B-WL5M-SUBG1 device?


For example, if I change the RF configuration to match the configuration of the RF device.

And, what is the meaning of the RF range specified in the data sheet of the NUCLEO-WL55JC boards?


Finally, I tried to communicate with the device that has this configuration


Are these variables the only ones used in the RF configuration? if not, I would appreciate it if you could specify the critical variables that I need to identify in order to program the NUCLEO-WL55JC boards for effective communication.

In conclusion, I kindly request a link to an RF training course or a recommendation for a book that could further enhance my understanding of RF communication principles.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Best regards,


Ok, you are right, and I know all these data and I had configured the WL board with them, but the modulation signal is responsible to demodulate the signal and to help to understand the message, However, even without Manchester decoder I could get a signal received from the devices without understanding it, it will be like a random message for example "Hello world" -> "e•ifi¥i¥iªYUjjiªiVi¥ie"