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Reading the Seeed Studio LoRa-E5 docs they talk about SX1262 "It is powered by ARM Cortex-M4 core and Semtech SX126X LoRa chip" yet they have a STM32WLE5JC? Isn't the STM32WLE5JC a M4+Radio? The NUCLEO-WL55JC2 doesn't have a SX1262 yet it does (G)FSK..


It's not an SX1262 chip, but IP on the same die which is materially very similar, with an internal SPI connection.

Some variants have LoRa functionality disabled, to reduce costs related to licencing.

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After doing a lot of reading I finally found LoRa, which defines FHSS and then I came across a ST statement that only certain STM32WLx5xx devices do LoRa, the NUCLEO-WL55JC2 does and I added a P-NUCLEO-LRWAN2 for a gateway. Should keep me busy a day or two.

I'm glad to see ST adding that IP, now if they could talk to ambiq about 4ua/Mhz running ...