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Questions to ST wireless chips



We want to build a localization system based on AoA, which should localize BLE-Beacons. Therefore, I have a few questions to the ST BLE-chips:

1. Is it possible to configure a device from the product portfolio to a fixed radio channel, on which BLE signals are received?

2. The channels from an antenna array are connected via switches simultanously to the BLE-RX and thus, the IQ samples of the different receive channels are sampled with some microseconds time difference. If the frequency error between TX and RX goes too large, the phase error between the channels would be become too large. Therefore, is the difference between the carrier frequencies of the BLE-TX and the BLE-RX estimated continously and compensated?

3. Could you recommend a chip from the product portfoilo which meets the named requirements?

Thank you very much for answering my questions!


Honestly this sounds like a conversation you need to be having with the local sales rep for the wireless parts.

I don't think they are going to let you know enough to the wireless baseband or phy, or related source/firmware to do AoA type stuff. My expectation would you'd need to be doing a lot of business with them, and have a deep roster of your own RF engineers.

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