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Problem on Shundown mode in STM32WB

Associate III

Hello All,

                I am using STM32WB5MMG for BLE  Application,  I want to  initailly mcu is stop mode or sleep mode,when external interrupt (switch)  is triggered  its wakeup from low power mode.After wake up  re-installize the System Clock for Mcu running configured clock frequency. 

                 In my case its working well without configure STM32_WPAN (BLE) in STM32Cube Mx, When ever i use both  Stop mode and BLE its not working  while wakeup  trigger is applied.

               I tried Sleep, Stop  and Shutdown mode ,all  are gives same response.Anyone suggest me how to use both in efficient manner.

ST Employee

Hello @Kavinraj 

I suggest you follow the implementation of this example of a Standby mode application with BLE capability.  

Best Regards.


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