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Problem connecting STM32WL to sigfox network

Nikhil D&K
Associate II

Hello Developers,

I am currently testing Sigfox AT slave example from STM32Cube_FW_WL_V1.3.0 on STM32WL nucleo board. I already have 5 set of ID,KEY,PAC values from sigfox  build for testing purpose.  


But when i am running sgfox at slave example, i am uunable to set id and pac values usinthe AT command. So can anyone please tell how can i set ID, PAC info in STM32WL using AT Slave.

ST Employee

Hello @Nikhil D&K 

To understand how to set the Sigfox Credentials, you can follow the steps mentioned on the last part of this video. You have to ignore the steps to receive the credentials sense you already have. But you still have to follow the other steps (starting from step 4.

Best Regards.


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Hello @STTwo-32 ,

I have seen the video and the 4 Step is loading sigfox Credentials in STM32WL board. What i have currently done is exchnaged the default value of key, pac and ID in the sigfox_data.h file with the pre-certification testing credentials which i got from the sigfox build. In step 5, i am able to get the PAC, ID same as credntials from sigfox build. 

Step 6  is  not neccessary as  I have sigfox pre-certifcation credntials so i dont need to acttivate it and currently i am waiting for testing with sigfox backend which i will be purchasing in couple of days.


So if i upate keys directly in sigfox_data.h file is it same as Step4 loading credentials to WL node. And can you please tell me how can i write PAC, ID, KEY info to the WL  from programmer.