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BLE_DataThroughput - different datarate with PC and Android

Associate III

I'm playing with the above mentioned example using the WB55 nucleo board.

When using a Samsung S10 on android with BLE Toolbox from STMicro we can reach 100-160kbyte/s throughput.

When using a HP notebook with builtin or TPLink/ASUS bluetooth dongle the datarate is much less 30-60kbyte/s

Using a BLE Sniffer from nordic we captured the BLE traffic and see that the difference is that sometimes the PC/usb dongle hops to a channel the master sends the empty pdu but no answer from the slave (STM32WB55) happens, thus at least one connection interval of data transfer is missed.

0693W00000WIWCXQA5.pngI believe here at least an "empty pdu" should be answered by the lower level of the STM32 BLE Stack. What could be the reason for such a difference?

In both case the phone/dongle were in close proximity (5-10cm), in both case the negotiated interval was 48.75ms.

The above was observed with 1M PHY configuration. I was not able to reproduce it with the 2M PHY.

sidenote: on the above screenshot the hop sequence is 23->36->12->33->1 for some reason channel 12 was missing thus the 97ms time difference comapred to the channel 36 empty PDU

Associate III

Just found somewhat similar occasions for the 2M PHY.