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Weird causes with my touchgfx project


Hi everybody!

I implemented a keyboard into my project. (I tested the keyboard widget in a separated project, and it worked well).

If I use the keyboard in my dashboard project, it make weird things.
If i entry a value, i write to the eeprom(M95320). If is restart the dashboard, i read all eeprom value.

On the "Beállítások 1" screen work perfect the keyboard and value entry. 
But on the "Beállítások 2" doesn't it work good. The end of the video you can see this.
Keyboard text area wrong and when(2:29) i entry a value to "Levegő tartály szorzó", then change the values some textarea to zero and "Emap nyomás szorzó" will be 5.0.

I don't know where to look for the error, but it's very strange that it doesn't always do it.
Here is the video:
Youtube video 



Accepted Solutions

Place breakpoints into all that go to zero. Seems your touch set multiple true ...

And maybe use if keyboard isvisible return... as first line

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ST Employee

Hello @Thomas8607 ,


From the video it seems to work fine for 90% of the duration.
Only at the end it is poorly behaving.

First your screen goes black and then you have the animation that we already talked about together playing.
I guess this is due to a reset of the board.
Then the values are loaded and displayed correctly.
Then you change one of the values and all the others go to 0.

Could it be that your memory is reset after the initialization?

Can you try debugging it using an IDE or by printing the values?



Gaetan Godart
Software engineer at ST (TouchGFX)



I pushed the reset button, where is dark screen

Yes ok.

When you get a new value entered (from the keyboard) do you update all of the values of every field?

Gaetan Godart
Software engineer at ST (TouchGFX)

I set a value to true if i click the button(alpha 0) on value, then visible the keyboard. If enter the number, i call getbuffer from keyboard, write to eeprom and sprintfFloat the textarea + invalidate. visible keyboard false and reset keyboard buffer.

I update only the selected textarea with keyboard. 

But the screen loading, i reading all data to textarea. 


I can send drive link to your private message.


Thank you! 

Without code nobody help . Your zero values is too stored in EEPROM . How after next restart show is zero? 

My tip your EEPROM code fail.

Yes, the zero values store the eeprom. 

But if i click enter the program updates only one textarea, not all.

It doesn't explain the values why store in eeprom, and why show ??? the keyboard textarea? 

I will try off the the eeprom code.

I tried the eeprom lib in a separated project, but without rtos. It worked well. 

Seems as stack corrupt inside rtos threads. How many threads you use, how memory size for gui task etc. You get zero info

I have four tasks. If I increase the size of the rtos memory, it still does this.
I comment the eeprom saves for the given value, it still works incorrectly.

There are also variables and I put together the display interface so that I only have to write the other programs.

Can I send the program link in a private message?


The error is only when I enter the page and enter a value. (enter it in the wrong place and several values will be zero) If I enter values after that, it's fine.
If I exit again and return to the page, it does the same thing.