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Touchgfx 4.16.1 on stm32h735 demo board work with Text and Font in internal flash but not with text and font in External flash. The images assets in external flash have never problem. Why?

Associate II

My application demo is very simpe.

I'm started with Cube MX 6.2.0 and the last stm32H7 Hal library available.

I'm started with eval kit configuration pinout and I work with the STM32H735IGK6 eval kit.

I have created a very simple application TouchGFX Designer 4.16.1. This application work fine only if I set the linker file (here attacched) with the text and font in internal memory of MCU.

The application don't work in I set the linker file with text and font in external flash. The external Flash is the OSPI macronix of PCB demo kit.

The linkers and the Touchgfx project file is attacched renamed with .txt extension.

If I add only a simple image at my project (and no text) and put that in extenal memory mapped, All work fine and I view the image correct in my first screen.

The debugger, when I have the problem with text in external memory, go to MemManage_handler at instruction setLanguage(0) in touchgfx_init file.

here the link for complete project:

I don't undestand where is the problem.

I compare my application and my setup of cube with the demo application in the repository for my eval kit board but no difference I found.

Can anyone help me? Thanks