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Is it possible to drive a TouchGFX Application without actually having to touch or press a button on the display?

Associate II

I have developed a device able to measure acceleration, so I essentialy have a GUI with a "start", "stop" buttons and also a text buffer showing the result of the last measurement.

When I press the start button, a measurment starts and it keeps going untill I press the stop button.

However, I would now like to make repeated measurements as follows, without having to touch the screen myself:

Press Start button 

for (i = 1, i < 31, i++) // Repeat 30 times


if ( collected_samples >= some_value )

Press Stop button


Keep collecting samples


I tried calling the EndCallback functions from main.c and altough I was succesful in stopping the measurement, the GUI Freezes (No HardFault or anyting like that). The GUI simply becomes irresponsive.

Therefore, I was wondering if there is another way of interacting with the GUI without actually touching the display. For example, maybe each button is linked to a boolean value or some other variable that I can alter from the code (in order to simulate an interaction with the GUI)

Chief II

You dont write how you process system, when you have RTOS, you can or need one thread for measure. Primary TouchGFX thread is alltime running and check some memory or queue variable for change. When change show it.

No buttons or touch .

Associate III

Typically, you would signal the Model from the backend application. The model would then propagate that up to the presenter and view (if necessary to go that far) where you can detail/specify what you would want to do...