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TouchGfx (4.10.0) in CubeMX (5.2.1) & Keil (5.25.2)

Miguel Moran
Associate III

I have had problems to integrate TouchGfx (4.10.0) in CubeMX (5.2.1) & Keil (5.25.2), I have followed all the steps in detail that are on your page, following the steps for this purpose and the button EXE is not enabled. What should I do? Is there another way to integrate the 3 tools?


Thank you very much, @Miguel Moran​, for your input! It's very useful.

We want to highlight how TouchGFX is used to generate screen definitions for an application that runs on top of what you've configured in CubeMX. As someone here put it "You don't launch mspaint.exe from CubeMX either just because you want to do graphics" 🙂


I agree 🙂