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STM32CubeIDE: Can't Add Header Files Like Previous Versions

Senior III


I am working on with a project generated by the TouchGFX 4.20.0 application. It creates a project whose folder directory looks as it does below. The header files (.h) are in the "Includes" portion, which makes sense to me. However, when I try to add a new header file for a new function I am creating, I do not see a clean method to do so.

All files in the Application folder are .c, .cpp or .s files. There are no .h files.

In previous version of code that has been compiled, I recall there being a ../Core/Src and ../Core/Inc to reach the source and header files respectively.

In the generated code, those exist in a folder that is above the project folder recognized by the STM32CubeIDE. However, I cannot access them via the Project Explorer anymore. The last two photos show how my file explorer folder format is.

My objective is to add a new source and header file in ADC_Display/Core/Src and ADC_Display/Core/Inc respectively via the project explorer in the STM32CubeIDE. How can I do this using just the STM32CubeIDE?

STM32CubeIDE Version: 1.10.1

STM32CubeMX Version: 6.6.1

TouchGFX Version: 4.20.0




Senior III

Just wanted to bump this thread.

Has anyone else experienced this before and have a way to see the necessary files in the Project Explorer?

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Eclipse is quirky. If adding files via the "project explorer" does not work for you, just put the files in the desired folders using the Windows explorer. Then refresh the project so that eclipse detects the new files. Do not let the eclipse slow you down.