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Software (TouchGFX or other) setup of I2C or SPI touch display

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how do I setup an SPI or I2C touch controller for a touch display when I use TouchGFX so that it generates the code for all touch buttons in such a way that the only thing I have to do is to write the code to be executed when a specific button id pressed (I assume inside some callback function)?


Are there already some libraries available for some touch display controllers (I2C or SPI)?


Thank you


Hello @Ricko ,

To answer your question I need to explain some topics.
TouchGFX is an application that allows you to develop your GUI and connect it to your hardware. Therefore, your hardware should be operational for TouchGFX to be able to run on it. So, you need to set up your touch controller first, then TouchGFX can use that for detecting touch events in your application. Here you can access a document explaining how you can set up a touch controller connected to I2C. After ensuring the functionality of your touch controller (and the display), you can follow this tutorial  to learn how you can setup specific functionalities for each button. 

If you are using a custom board, then I suggest checking the rest of the steps in Board Bring Up documentation available here. However, if you are using one of the STMicroelectronics boards (usually, Discovery or Eval ones), you can use the available board configurations in TouchGFX to develop your application without worrying about setting up the board. You can just focus on developing your GUI.TouchGFX Board SetupsTouchGFX Board Setups

I hope this helps you, don't hesitate to ask more questions

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX