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"The current target does not support vector font format"

Senior III

I get this message in TouchGFX Designer when I try to change the font format to vector. This is the new advertised feature of TouchGFX 4.23.0. I have "Vector Rendering" and "Vector Font Rendering" enabled in IOC. What else is needed to enable vector fonts in TouchGFX 4.23.0?

ST Employee

Hello @HTD,

That's all you need to enable in CubeMX to be able to use VectorFonts in your application.

But then, in TouchGFXDesigner, you have to navigate to Texts>Typographies and select for which typography you want to use Vector Fonts, like here : 


Hope this answer the question 🙂


ST Software Developer | TouchGFX

The exact issue was that I could not enable this option in Designer. It was disabled and when I tried to move mouse cursor over it I got the hint this option is not available on the target.

After making some changes to my project I was able to set this option in Designer, it suddenly allowed it. However, when I opened the project IOC file in STM32CubeIDE I got an error in Vector Rendering option. The Designer changed this option to "Enabled", and the valid options according to STM32CubeIDE was:

- Disabled
- Hardware
- Software

Notice that there is no "Enabled" option, that the Designer tries to set.

Initially, when I first encountered this issue the option was set to "Hardware".

Then I experimented with this setting, switched it to "Software" for a while and I think this could unblock the setting in Designer.

But it went south from there. After setting it to "Hardware" again my vector fonts stopped working on my device. Instead of characters I got just empty rectangles rendered. In order to run my application I had to manually disable the Vector Font in my all typographies.

From my experience on STM32U599 - vector rendering is unstable. It doesn't display gradients from SVG correctly, also Vector Font feature doesn't work in my current project. When I switched Vector Rendering to "Software" everything works, however it works unacceptably slow, so it's not a viable solution. For now I use "Vector Rendering" on "Hardware" setting because it allows to use vector icons that makes my development process quicker. I stopped using SVG gradients and replaced them with bitmap gradients. Also bitmap fonts give me the acceptable rendering speed with no issues.