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How to use wildcard in touchgfx dynamicgraph X-Labels?

Associate III


I'm using TouchGFX dynamic graph and I want to customize the X-Labels according to my data.

For eg. I add 1000 data points and make 10 labels with 100 interval each. So my Labels come as 100,200,300 ...upto 1000. I want to change labels using a wildcard which picks a variable value from the tickevent function. Basically I want to show time in HH:MM:SS Format on X-Axis.

Is There any example for customizing dynamic graph labels??

Associate III

Can Someone help with this?? Using wildcard with Dynamic Graph Labels. I couldn't find any example regarding the same.

Associate III

I am also looking for this, no answers eh? This has to be a fairly common requirement! I'm trying to display RTC time on the x axis label. I have searched but no example of this has been uncovered. In TGFX 4.22 you cannot set a wildcard to the major X axis label so how can it be implemented?

Associate II

Also looking for same "How to Display Time on X-Label in Dynamic Graph" which is common for all application. I have working RTC date and time which I am displaying on corner of screen. Also my graph is updating as per RTC second update, Just want to display mm:ss on X axis. I think they forgot to give wildcard option in major X axis label.

I think ST has no answer of this question, Need to change the controller