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How calculate TFT LCD Frame buffer size. Can we allocate it in internal memory. ?

Associate II

I am using STM32H753 for driving 800x480 TFT LCD. Currently I am using External SDRAM for my FRAME BUFFER. I am using DMA2D and TFT LCD module of MCU.

#define LCD_LAYER0_FRAME_BUFFER ((int)0xC0000000)

#define LCD_LAYER1_FRAME_BUFFER ((int)0xC0300000)

My code is working fine with above configuration.

Currently I need only one layer for LCD.

1) Can I use internal MEMORY of MCU instead of external SDRAM ?

2) How to calculate frame buffer size for 800x480 TFT-LCD for RGB565 format ?

Chief II
  1. yes when size is ...
  2. 800x480x2 bytes for single buffer

PS For optimized use i recommend use L8 ARGB2222 , then size is 800x480x1