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HMI development using stm32f769


Hello everyone,

I want to know whether I can use STM32F769 for developing HMI for amy embedded application. I am going to use 7-inch display. The link I have provided for the display. Also I want to know that if I can use TouchGFX for quick development of GUI. And can I use the evaluation board directly? for the display. I have looked into the video which made me curious to ask this.

Alexandre RENOUX


Yes you can use the F769 for developing your UI and starting with the F769-DISCO might be a good entry point.

Regarding HDMI connection, we do not have any examples for this. Our screens use interfaces such as LTDC, DSI, SPI and FMC.


you use the DSI to HDMI Adapter from ST

for the STM32F769i-Disco Board

and get stuck in an DRM/NDA dead end. DSI and HDMI are no good for projects on a small budget.

Bought both boards but no chance to write my on firmware to the lack of information for the DSI2HDMI controller IC.

Informations how to use DSI is also hard to find with CubeMX for the DSI TFT delivered with the Disco Board.

Best regards,