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Associate II

So i need to use a filesystem to use the qspi flash on my stm32f769 disc board and once i have all the code ready, all i get are "defined but not used" and "previously defined" errors

How can i suppress these?


Perhaps look more carefully at the errors it is reporting, and in which files definitions were coming from.

Start from the first error, other may result from earlier failure, and one issue may cause multiple errors.

Perhaps you work with a more experienced dev, ask them to assist.

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Chief III

Hi @pmppires​,

Why would you need FatFS to use QSPI? Or maybe i'm misunderstanding. Doesn't sound like errors you'd want to suppress - Can you show us a build log?


Hi, thanks for the reply!

I need to make my application download a file of the web (json in this case) and then open it so i thought maybe a file system would be best, that way i dont need to download the file if i dont have to.

i'm sorry but i dont know where i can find a build log

thanks for the reply

We're all pretty new when it comes to touchgfx and fatfs but i'm looking into it, if i have any breakthrough i'll keep in touch


> ...and once i have all the code ready, all i get are "defined but not used" and "previously defined" errors

"Defined but not used" is only a warning, unless you make all warning to errors.

The easiest way would be supress this warning. It is just functions the (source) library contains, and that you do not call. IMHO nothing wrong with it, a decent linker will keep unused code out of the exectuable.

If "previously defined" refers ti an actual error, you might have mixed up versions of library files, or used incorrect parameters for your calls.