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Designer: Importing and exporting custom containers - conflict resolving is missing.

Senior III

I recently tried to use importing and exporting feature on custom container.

It works.

However, I encountered some very annoying problems:

Some of my custom container share resources, and sometimes I just need to create a couple of variations of the same custom container, like different theme.

By default, the generated manifest includes all affected parts. So - if I create several exports with the shared parts, then I include only my individual part - it works. However - it's quite tedious to maintain.

I have to export several files for 1 custom container, and remember to import them in the right sequence or it breaks.

The main problem is - when there's any resource conflict - the import just fails. There's no option to resolve the conflicts. The option to either leave existing resource or overwrite existing resource would totally fix it. I could export any number of versions of the same control and then decide what resources to import from it.

In the window area where yellow exclamation mark appears (conflict detected) - there should be a checkbox to overwrite the file. Unchecked - the existing file remains unchanged, if checked - existing file gets overwritten.

I guess it still can be done if I manually edited the manifest in the exported file (it's just a zip file). But this is basically creating another export files, that can be done by editing the manifest file on exporting. Doable but very tedious.

TL; DR - the options to resolve conflicts on custom container import is a very important feature that is missing in TouchGFX. This problem could be solved by just adding checkboxes indicating that the specified resources will be overwritten.

ST Employee

Hello @HTD,


Thanks for your message. We are aware of this issue, and will improve the way CustomContainers import/export handles resources in a future release. I can't promise you a deadline for that though, it will depend on our other priorities.


Best regards.

ST Software Developer | TouchGFX