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TouchGFX 4.21 generated code caused Core locked in programmer

Associate II

Dear Help,

    I ran into a series of anomalies while following TouchGFX tutorial on Win10, resulting in code not able to run in Simulator and download failed in Programmer.  Here are the steps and results:

1. Using TouchGFX 4.21 and following Tutorial 2: Creating your own application. GFX insisted on creating the project under STM32F746G-DISCO with name Application even though I have explicitly selected the STM32H7B3I-DK board, and I couldn't find where to specify the directory names in GFX.

2. Created button and screen and ran in simulator. Proceeded to add virtual function ToggleLED in STM32CubeIDE (1.12.1), but Simulator failed on not finding stm32h7xx_hal.h.  I followed some examples online to add:

    #ifndef SIMULATOR

    #include "stm32h7xx_hal.h"


to allow Simulator to run, but then the ToggleLED function that called a HAL function would create an error.

3. I generated the code (not sure if CubeMX or GFX did it) and compiled it in STM32CUBEIDE 1.12.1 successfully to create the .elf file.

4. Used STM32CUBEProgrammer to connect to STM32H7B3I-DK board, and attempted to download the .elf file.  Programmer reported a warning that "core is locked", and then failed to erase/program.  I've attached the .ioc file, but not sure where I can find a log file for GFX.

    Please let me know what I've done wrong and how to resolve the issue.  Thanks!




Associate II

Regarding the Core locked issue, I have since successfully downloaded other .elf codes again onto the stm32h7b3i-DK board, so the issue is only with the particular .elf file created with GFX code (attached).