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Customized Nucleo board with changed MCU



I'd like to customize one of the current available demoboard (NUCLEO-G071RB) changing the MCU with a compatible one which I have purchased (STM32G0B0RET6).

I've mounted this pin-to-pin compatible MCU (according to CUBEMX) on the aforementioned NUCLEO board.

I'd like to try and get running one of the TouchGFX examples that work with the additional display board X-NUCLEO-GFX01M2.

I tried to change the MCU from STM32G071RB to STM32G0B0RET6 and "Generate code" again but I couldn't manage to get the project running yet. I've seen that basically all the peripherals are the same with the exception of TIM2 which should be changed to another timer (ex. TIM3).

Is this the correct procedure? If not, what's the correct procedure that should be followed?

Thank you.

ST Employee

Hello @Madrac and welcome to the Community 🙂

The STM32G0x1 device has TIM2 as listed in the RM0444 Reference manual STM32G0x1 (TIM2/TIM3/TIM4).

However, the STM32G0x0 doesn't have TIM2. You can check the RM0454 Reference manual for STM32G0x0 MCUs.


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Hello @Imen.D,

thank you for your answer.

My question was probably not very clear and defined, I already worked with STM32 MCUs but I'm new to both TouchGFX and STM32CubeIDE.

My goal is to have a basic working GUI on a customized version of the NUCLEO-G071RB with STM32G0B0RET6 instead of the factory MCU + the display board X-NUCLEO-GFX01M2.

Let's call the "new board" the NUCLEO-G0B0RET6. I still have also a standard NUCLEO-G071RB.

These are the steps I followed:

Step #0: STM32Cube Programmer finds the correct MCU on the NUCLEO-G0B0RET6

Step #1: Led blinking project on the NUCLEO-G0B0RET6

Step #2: Blank UI project generation with TouchGFX Designer based on board NUCLEO-G071RB+ X-NUCLEO-GFX01M2

Step #3: Editing generated CubeMX project changing the MCU from STM32G071RB to STM32G0B0RET6 and selecting the "Generate Code" option

Now I should have an almost working project on STM32CubeIDE to start with.

Is this the correct way to proceed? How should I integrate the Blank UI TouchGFX project into the brand new CubeIDE project?

This might be an easy question but I'm still a bit confused on the correct flow that should be followed to develop a TouchGFX project with a custom hardware (I'm reading the documentation in the meanwhile).

Thank you.