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Reverting Option Byte Configuration after TF-M Testing in STM32U585


Hi Channel

I have tested the TF-M Package Released by ST, on the STM32U585 and its working fine. Now i want to revert back my STM32U585 (B-U585I-IOT02A Kit) as for the testing of TF-M SBSFU there is some configuration of option bytes as given in UM2851 manual.

Now i want to test some normal applications on the same board. I have made the following changes

  1. changed RDP to to 0 and changed TZEN bit =0 at the same time to disable the trust zone controller.
  2. i have disabled wrp 1 and wrp2 bits.

But now i am not able to do a full chip erase and am not able to any other program (for example led test or UART test example).

Kindly help me out in the clear procedure on how to revert back the option byte configuration to the default one.

Thanks for the support

Senior III

There is just one thing, I am showing that when TZEN is active additional mode=HotPlug option is required.