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Unable to program stm32h743 custom board

Associate III


I used IAR to flash the stm32h743 and I get the following error. Full log is attached (IAR_ERROR_LOG.txt)



I used Jlink.exe command line to check if I can make any progress.

I tried erase command, but it did not succeed.



I checked the lock bit (FLASH_CR1), it is enabled. I tried to disable it and it did not work.


Is the MCU gone bad ?

I have another working board on which all of the above things are workings as expected.






Pavel A.
Evangelist II

While waiting for more useful replies - note that your J-Link module version in the IAR IDE is 7.88j - quite old. Consider installing the latest J-Flash version from Segger. It should find and update J-Link module in your IAR installation.

Double check capacitance on VCAP pins, and measure voltage there. Check supplies generally.

Perhaps try with BOOT0 pulled HIGH

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Associate III

Thank you @Tesla DeLorean  and @Pavel A.  for your replies.

Interestingly, running JlinkSTM32.exe solved the issue.


Though it solved the issue, I would like to understand what can put the MCU in this state and how did this "JlinkSTM32.exe" recovered the MCU.

ST Employee

Hello @Luke_abc 

I am not sure if this is a similar thread [SOLVED] Unable to flash / erase STM32F401CC - J-Link/Flasher related - SEGGER - Forum

Same Error: Failed to restore target. RAMCode never stops
ERROR: Erase returned with error code -5.

It is related to bad board power delivery design.


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