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UART transmit DMA, receive interrupt

Hello dear friends,

I use F4 series MCUs. I am looking to send UART data via DMA and receive data in interrupt. How can I reach this goal? I am able to send data via DMA and receive data in interrupt, but the problem is in simultaneous use of DMA for data transmit and receive interrupt.

Sincerely yours

ST Employee


It can be possible. Do you have some code to help you? 😉



ST Employee

What about transmitting AND receiving using DMA at the same time?

The matter is parsing input packets is more reliable in interrupt cases. In the case of DMA for receiving data, the interrupt will occur when a known number of bytes or half of that known number is received. But if one uses interrupt, one would not struggle with this limitation. The packet is supposed to be a long packet. Then using DMA for send will not block the program counter and receive interrupt will not lead to data loss.

There is way to overcome this problem. Have a look at the provided link before.


Yes use the DMAs, Rx circular and Tx in Normal mode.

Full speed is no issue...

You can check the Rx DMA buffer pointer to see if a byte (or block) has arrived

set the Rx buffer to 1k or 4k as you need, I run a 16k Tx buffer, and move along it, when it get to 3/4 mark I move all unDMA'ed bytes back to the zero mark

Works very well...

Good Luck with that, its a huge set of code, I have sent it up here a couple of months ago...

 look for this Question:

STM32L476RG UART TX proccess via DMA without UART interrupt

Dear @Community member (Community Member)​ @Tilen MAJERLE (ST Employee)​ @Simon.T (ST Employee)​ 

Here is the MVP project that shows the issue. The project is built with STM32cubeMX 6.4 and STM32cubeF4 V1.26.2 and for stm32cubeIDE V1.8. Whenever a Uart DMA transfer is completed, a Uart transfer complete interrupt is generated which is not desired by me. If you review the code I have posted here, I have disabled the transfer complete interrupt in the beginning before the infinity loop (while(1)). How can I make it not generate a transfer complete interrupt? As far as I have searched in the STM32F407 series Reference manual RM0090, I have not found any clue that mentions when a DMA transfer makes an interrupt in hardware level.

After some investigating, I have found that in the function 

static void UART_DMATransmitCplt(DMA_HandleTypeDef *hdma)

in the file "stm32f4xx_hal_uart.c" Line 2995

ATOMIC_SET_BIT(huart->Instance->CR1, USART_CR1_TCIE);

enable that notorious interrupt. Disabled that and altered the Uart soft status in the handle from busy to ready in the interrupt routine by 

if (huart2.gState != HAL_UART_STATE_READY)
	huart2.gState = HAL_UART_STATE_READY;

The if would be for later use to check if really the transfer complete was the source of interupt. 

I wonder if this scenario can be made through the stm32cubeMX