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UART RX Busy Flag Constantly Set

Associate II

I had a project I was using on the L053 Discovery Board (STM32L053C8T6 micro) that was receiving some data from the UART that was working fine. Built my own board using a different L0 part (STM32L010F4P6). When I try to run this same project, the UART comes back as always busy receiving, even with no data present (RxState == HAL_UART_STATE_BUSY_RX).

I'm using the latest version of the L0 Cube HAL. I see in the past some people were manually clearing the flag using the HAL_UART_RxCpltCallback, but the current versions of the HAL specifically advise against modifying this.

But I don't see where the RXState actually gets set to "Ready". Am I missing something? Do I need to manually service the flags?

ST Employee

Hello @Community member​ ,

I recommend you to follow properly the steps as described in this wiki page: STM32StepByStep:Step3 Introduction to the UART - stm32mcu

Also, If your project is based on a generation of code with STM32CubeMX, this article can help you to migrate your current STM32L053C8T6 example to the STM32L010F4P6.

I hope this help you to solve the issue!

Thank you for your contribution in STCommunity.


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