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There are fast and slow channels for the ADC of STM32H750. It's only a hint in the reference that analog switching is different speed for GPIO mux and ADC input mux. If there more exact information on the speed of slow channels?

Tamas Novak
Associate III

In the ADC characteristics chapter in Datasheet?


Tamas Novak
Associate III

:)) You are right, I wasn't specific.

Datasheet gives different ADC clock frequencies for fast and slow channels, altough the very same ADC and sample&hold capacitor works with the same resolution. It means analog multiplexing speed differs. If I use several channels (mixed fast and slow ones) I can't switch ADC clock spped regarding to channel speed "on the fly". Is it good practice to use highest (36MHz) ADC clock, but use longer sample times for slow channels (they can be set independently for different ranks) for slower analog mux to be "settled".