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STMPE811 touch controller Interfacing with STM32F746BGT6

Associate II

We are developing the TouchGFX project in  STM32F746BGT6 and using resistive Touchscreen

We have created the project using ST CUBEMX for discovery board .the same project code has been used for our customized PCB.

For this we need to interface the STMPE811 touch controller for getting touch information from resistive touch screen.We have used STMPE811 Driver code and I2C protocol is used in this driver code

While trying to connect with Touch controller with address(0x82) it will return HAL error.

I have checked with Oscilloscope SCL and SDA pin ,Clock was generated at 92 Khz

please help me in this issue

speed 100KHz

Standard mode

I2C clock source frequency 50Mhz