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STM32U5A5 USB device vendor specific class implementation

Associate III


I need to create a USB composite device class interface with STM32U5A5 controller.
I have been using the USB_CDC_ACM example project so far for my development. In this example the USB CDC ACM class is configured and I need to change/add this to a custom vendor specific class so that the host PC doesn't bind its native driver by default. That's my use case. So I can bind the custom class driver from host side.
My requirement is to create one interface with the support of HID class and other one as vendor specific class. In vendor specific class I need to add bulk endpoints for IN and OUT like that of the current ACM class.
I have tried to understand the USBD_FrameWork_AddToConfDesc function to add the new class but quite confused of the USBx layer.
Is there any base example project for this requirement? Or could anyone help with the changes required to add a custom class to the ACM example project. 
Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Here you can find help with adding the custom class to your device.

If the host is a Windows computer, it is recommended to add a "WinUSB device descriptor" to the custom function to be able to use the WinUSB  API on the Windows side and avoid a custom driver.