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STM32H7A3RIT6: Product availability

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I don't know whether this is appropriate place to ask, But will STM32H7A3RIT6 or H7B3RIT6 a good choice for projects considering availability? 

Are these in production to use on new products and trust the availability exists? 

Thank you! 


You'd do better with a conversation with your sales rep or engineering contacts. When you place an order they should be able to quote a delivery estimate, based on when it can get scheduled, or if uncommitted parts from current or in-progress batches can be used to fulfill your order.

Availability has a lot more to do with popularity, and scheduling. Figure lead-time through the fab is 12 weeks, and they are currently operating at capacity for all the different parts a particular fab is producing. TSMC has customers other than ST.

And your ability to plan your own demand, and express that to your sales rep to get orders on the books to keep you ahead of the lead-time.

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ST Employee

Dear @MallikarjunSE , @Tesla DeLorean ,

The best is to be in touch with your local or usual distributor to better serve your requested quantities, we provide them WW a good visibility of our high runners parts and among them first is the Package type and here LQFP64 your case is indeed a high runner in mass market for STM32H7A/B series.

Now, regarding our Diffusion sites on same series STM32H7A/B , I confirm that we have two factories able to produce the same silicon and already in full production to sustain large capacity using these marking identification on package :

VQ : which is our STMicroelectronics France Crolles factory

LM : which is Samsung foundry factory in south Korea.

Hope it helps you .




Thanks for the reply. 

I got in touch with few resellers. Looks like it's more expensive due to availability. 

Received a quote of 15.5$/pc for 250pcs moq. Which seems to be quite high compared to our existing H743 MCUs which are 7.5$/pc for 250pcs moq. 

Perhaps find different resellers?

MoQ for tape-n-reel 1000, tray 960

You could get 200 today at Verical below $7.50, Mouser also looked to have a few thousand parts on hand.

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We have not worked with Verical. Can't find stocks on mouser. 
Even though I'm looking for pricing for 250pcs, I want to understand whether the availability will be like in hundreds or will it ever be available widely? Our consumption is estimated to cross 10k units easily. I'll have to stick to H743VIT6 if availability is a issue in future. The only problem with H743 at this point of time is higher heat output. Usually runs at 55C to 65C based on ambient temp. 

ST Employee