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STM32H750 to STM32WB

Associate III

I am looking to add bluetooth onto my project. I have an already developed nRF52 project I could use and just connect it through UART to the STM32H750 or migrate my STM32H750 to a WB based MCU since it has onboard bluetooth connectivity. I was wondering the ease of migrating from the H7 to a WB?

Lead II

Hello @MAlan.1 

For the first step, I suggest you to start by using a UART communication between the two boards. Than is not so hard to migrate a project from H7 to WB. You have juste to take care of the difference between APIs and configurations of the boards.

Best regards.


Aren't they parts with hugely different capabilities?

What's the code, data, speed foot-print of your code?

The HAL does allow for some degree of portability, but pin counts and function are apt to change.

To gauge complexity, perhaps make a donor project on the final target, and merge over code a section at a time with consideration of pin usage etc.

Just using the UART? Probably relatively low complexity

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