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STM32H723ZG AZURE RTOS - Hard Fault Error Regarding

Associate II

As we are using STM32H723ZG-CT6 for our Medical project.

We are using STM's Complement to STMH7 series - Azure RTOS for our project.

We were runs totally 8 threads, during the running time of threads Hard fault error is coming and our controller stops run, and hangs upto we hit reset again.

We can't able to find the solutions yet, please guide us to solve this issue.

where we want to look either RTOS related things or Some Hardware related things to solve this issue.


Screenshot 2023-11-27 190422.png


while(1) loops are not going to give you any information you can act upon

Use standard methods to debug and diagnose what code and register combinations are causing the Hard Fault. Inspect the faulting C code in the context you've dumped from the registers. Work backward from invalid pointers, or corrupt stacks to causes.

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Thanks for the reply. I will Check and Update soon