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STM32H5 MCU boosts performance and security for next-generation smart applications

ST Employee

The new STM32H5 series comes to complete the STM32 High Performance MCUs portfolio.

The STM32H5 series is based on the 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M33 core running as high as 250 MHz with up to 2 Mbytes of flash memory in dual-bank memory, up to 640 Kbytes of SRAM and high peripheral integration.

It offers the best combination of performance and security, in an affordable way.

The STM32H5 portfolio offers large package option from 25- to 176-pin. It supports up to 125°C ambient temperature, making it suitable for harsh environments.

The STM32H5 is the first MCU series to come with system-on-chip (SoC) security services accessed via an industry-standard API. This facility, called STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager, saves developers writing their own code while providing security services developed according to known best practice. It simplifies development while ensuring effective protection.

0693W00000bhCv3QAE.gifNB: STM32H573I-DK will be available in September 2023 as well as IoT cloud on AWS & Microsoft Azure.

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A few questions. Since this is for me the most disappointing release in your high performance line:

1.) Why no SPDIF in?

2.) Why only FS USB and not HS USB? Even your U5 range has HS USB? Super confusing that a performance line chip has weaker USB support than an ultra low power line.

3.) Why only 250MHz? When NXP have the i.MX RT600 which runs at 300MHz (and is dual core and has an audio DSP).

4.) Why no dual core version with 2x300MHz M33's both with fully featured cores? That would be amazing.

I am looking for a next generation audio processing chip and the above features would take the H5 from confusingly specced​ to ideal.

W​ould you consider adding the above features to the H5 line in the future?