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STM32G484QET6 Pin File


I need a pin file for the STM32G484QET6 with the die to lead frame distance through bond wire etc. and die to lead frame delay. Where do I find this?

ST Employee

Dear @Chris-Carlson ,

your can refer to IBIS model for LQFP128 package of STM32G484 if you need to run high speed simulation , we may integrate inside the RLC model of the package.  Do you know why asking for such die bonding details ? 



My ECAD tool allows for adding the die to lead frame (pin) delay and distance through the bond wire ect. to the pin as separate parameters. If you set this up in the library when the component is used in a design the distance parameter will be accounted for when length tuning the PCB and the delay parameter will be accounted for when delay tuning the PCB.

As far as I know the IBIS model gives you the drive strength of an output pin and the impedance parameters for each pin. I have never seen the die to pin delay or distance from die to pin parameters in an IBIS model. Please let me know if I misunderstand this. I have seen pin files for DDR, FPGAs and some uPs in the past that provide these two parameters for each pin of the device, just hoped that you provide this information.

Thanks for your time.