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STM32G0C1CEU RTC_REFIN and GPIO Input state



I am designing PCB with the MCU above. I do not have any devboard for now with G0 to check what I need.

I want to utilyze the REFIN function of the RTC. I also need to check presence of this signal (if there is no 50Hz signal for some time [few 100's ms] do other stuff). 

If this pin would be Alternate Function pin then I can read the Input value, but according to DS and RM REFIN is Additional Function (not the same as Alternate Function) - it overrides GPIO registers. 


So my question is: 

Can I somehow read (through GPIO Input reg or in other register) input state of the REFIN pin? I cannot find confirmation that GPIO Input reg is working when pin is used as Additional Function.

I do not have any other free pins left - not joking.