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STM32F429II USB-FS SPL demo code

Associate II


In my case, I am working on the project using the SPL provided by ST.
It uses the STM32F429II series, and the compiler is running on IAR.

I have a demo code for USB FS on the STM32F103 series, can I get a demo code for SPL USB FS on the STM32F4 series?

ST Employee

Hi @Jdogk 

Examples provided in STSW-STM32065 - STM32F4 DSP and standard peripherals library - STMicroelectronics does not include application project for USB. But if you would like to develop your own project, you should take into account that STM32F429II and STM32F103 do not share the same IP of USB. You can find some similarities in specifications, but they do not embed the same IP revision. You can start with adjusting your configurations for the MCU (CM3 >CM4) and GPIO assignment accordingly ...

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Associate II

Thanks for reply.

I've been following the stm32f103 usb fs SPL library and trying to write the stm32f429 usb fs SPL code, but it's not working properly and I'm struggling. I can't think of a proper fix