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STM32F427ZIT6 lead time and availability issues

Associate II

I have a product line using an STM32F427ZIT6 MCU which has been in production for several years. Suddenly it seems to be unavailable. Both Mouser and Digikey have zero stock and cannot even quote a lead time. Our production will be halted very soon. This seems to be an issue with all StMicro Arm cortex M4 processors. For example,Digikey lists 624 different part numbers for StMicro Cortex M4 processors as "normally stocking", yet only 5 part numbers actually have stock. What is going on? What can I expect for a lead time on quantity 100 of the STM32F427ZIT6? If this issue cannot be resolverd soon we will be forced into a a complete redesign of our entire product line using a different microcontroller from a different vendor.

Please provide me information on availability and lead time of this part.

Uwe Bonnes
Principal II

Welcome to part allocation!

Perhaps talk to a ST FAE.

Few if any parts with similar capabilities are available, so a redesign should be carefully planned to be effective.


> Suddenly it seems to be unavailable.

Suddenly? I doubt those parts have been in stock in the past year. It's the new normal, for the moment at least. The chip shortage shouldn't be news to anyone who is paying attention.

No great solution, of course, as everyone is looking for those parts. Order and wait, or choose a new chip. Maybe you can find parts from a reseller for $$$.

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