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STM32F405RGT6 custom board not working

Associate II

Hi guys, this is my first post here on the forum. I'm starting my learning in STM and I created a custom board with a STM32F405RGT6, I followed a basic MCU operation schematic that I found in a video on Youtube, but the MCU is not starting. I did several tests to check if the USB connection was correct, if the voltages also worked well and everything is ok. However, I saw that I really don't get a clock from the crystal, the crystal I'm using is already known to me from other projects. So I'm leaving here a print of the connection schematic and if anyone can give me some light on where to look for the problem that causes the MCU to not start, I would be very grateful.😀


Captura de tela 2024-01-12 100142.png


Excellent, I haven't found the ST V3 in my laboratory, so I'm going to buy this V2.

I'm still going to install the capacitors, I'm going to a store to buy them as I don't have that value here in the laboratory. I will post the resolution of the case here as soon as the capacitors are soldered to the MCU and I use the ST LINK V2 to communicate with the device.

Also, I didn't notice this at first glance:

You're connecting OSC_IN and OSC_OUT to PC4 and PC5 while it should be connected to PH0 and PH1 like provided in the datasheet:


I'm wondering what kind of Youtube link you're referring to!


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Associate II

Hi Guys, I managed to communicate with the STM via USB and record a hello word on it.

I didn't have access to st link v2 and v3. However, I managed to correct the layout errors on my custom PCB. The crystal oscillator was actually on the wrong pins and the lack of VCAPs prevented the STM from starting. I managed to solder these components to the STM pins and everything worked.

Thank you for your support, I will be more attentive when following youtubers schematic 😅

> I haven't found the ST V3 in my laboratory, so I'm going to buy this V2.

Why buy V2 if you can buy V3?


Because I'm from Brazil, and unfortunately in the national market I can only find the V2 for sale, importing the V3 is very expensive. I have a V3, or at least I did, but so far I can't find it here at my company. I'm still looking and if I don't find it I'll end up buying the V3, since I discovered that the V2 on the Brazilian market is counterfeit.