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STM32F207VCT6 chip won't connect via USART to STM32CubeProgrammer


Hi. Recently I started a new personal project, where I'm trying to develop my own SMD-to-female-header PCB for the STM32F207VCT6 MCU chip. After ordering all the parts, doing some reflow soldering, checking that there are no solder bridges, and verifying that each pin properly reaches its corresponding header, I proceeded to connect the following circuit to it. Most of it comes from the AN3320 application note for this chip.

In order to program it, I got an FTDI FT232R board and connected it to the chip's USART1 (PA9 and PA10). Additionally, I set pins Boot0 and Boot1 to HIGH and LOW respectively to boot from system memory. From what I've seen from other blogs, a connection between STM32 chips and the STM32CubeProgrammer software can be done via USART. However, I'm getting the following error.

I tried setting the Baudrate and parity settings to every combination available, I tried resetting the chip multiple times, checked the appropriate voltages for VCC and VCap, and tried other USART ports on the chip. Am I doing something wrong?


Two things:

  • Each VCAP pin should only have a 2.2uF capacitor to ground. That's it. The chip drives that voltage, not you, so you need to remove U2.1. (You CAN disable the internal regulator on packages with a REGOFF pin, but this chip doesn't have one.)
  • The VDDA pin must be connected to power, preferably VDD.

And a strong suggestion:

  • Use SWD for programming and debugging. You're making your life a lot more difficult by only using the UART interface.
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