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STM32F207 HAL Ethernet examples


I have one of these:

NUCLEO-F207ZG - STM32 Nucleo-144 development board with STM32F207ZG MCU, supports Arduino, ST Zio and morpho connectivity - STMicroelectronics

I am wanting to find some example projects with Cube setups for ethernet. Are they out there and I'm just not finding them. If anyone has a simple project with this board they would be willing to share that would be much appreciated. I don't know anything about ethernet and would like to learn by looking at a working example. 

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Hello @w343vaughn 

I can't find any exemple ready to use for Ethernet using STM32F2. But to learn more about ethernet. You can use this tutorial and try to adapte-it to your board (is going to be so easy) using the STM32_CUBE_F2, the RM0033, the datasheet, and the schematic of your board.

But lf you want to do a good work on the ethernet. I suggest you to use a H7 or an F7. The F2 is really limited.

Best regards.


From a hardware perspective the F407 is nearly identical, with a CM4F rather than CM3.  The F2 is a bit of an evolutionary dead-end. Find examples you can back-port.

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Hello @w343vaughn and welcome to  the Community 🙂,

I advise you to look to LwIP example in STM32CubeF2 package. This example tested with NUCLEO-207ZG Rev.B board and used STM32F2xx the ETH HAL API to transmit and receive data.

Please Make sure that you have followed the steps indicated in the readme before running the project.

I hope this help you.

Thank you.


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