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STM32 Cannot Enter STANDBY After Debugging

Ryan Coleman
Associate II

I'm using an STM32G473 on a custom board. The board is connected to battery pack and once assembled the MCU is permanently connected to 3V3. We're using STANDBY to put the MCU in a low power consumption state while the system is turned off. 

My problem is, it does not seem possible to place the MCU in STANDBY after debugging without performing a power cycle. We have a physical reset button on the board but this doesn't seem to change the behavior. 

I read a post by @Tesla DeLorean that alluded to some security features of newer STM32 MCU's that would explain this behavior. Does anyone have any idea of a workaround to this? We need to be able to debug these boards after assembly. 

Thanks for your help in advance

ST Employee

Hello @Ryan Coleman ,

What "STM32 Cannot Enter STANDBY After Debugging" does exactly mean? What is the MCU state? 

Have you check also the DBGMCU_CR register ? Following the value of DBG_STANDBY you could face over consumption.


Best regards,