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SPI + DMA LL library

Associate II


I am trying to learn about DMA with spi. I tried HAL library which worked fine for me, I tried the LL Examples (stm32L4x) provided in repository which worked fine when i am reading once with loopback. Now i am trying to use a full duplex master spi with transmit via polling and receive via dma. But i am stuck with how to set the receiving part continously ( in a while(1) loop after rx complete callback) with normal mode as i have to set different address each time i am receiving data from an external chip.

Can anyone provide with some suggestion for this?

ST Employee

Hello @prsh 

Have you tried SPI_TwoBoards_FullDuplex_DMA example using circular mode? It should help to ensure continuous transfers. 

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Associate II

Yes tried that but my application needs normal mode only to set receive dma before every data receive.