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SPI communication while debuging

Associate II


I using STM32F407IG in IAR Embedded workbench.

When I debug the program the SPI communication does not work.

what could be the reason?

Without debug the SPI work


I didn't check

You need to check!

Is there anything else I can do except for checking the lines?

how debug mode can affect the communication? maybe I can change the clock or the bound rate in some way that can help?


Well, what's happening on the lines is fundamental to the operation of the SPI - so you really need to know!


But I know that the communication works properly in normal working condition (not in debugging), so, somehow the debugging mode affect the communication. how the debugger affect it?

That's what you need to find out!

It's your system - so you need to be leading the investigation.

You know your system - we don't, and you've given previous little information.


@Aldo1 wrote:

 how the debugger affect it?

It really shouldn't - apart from the obvious effects of halting execution.

Does your code contain anything which detects the presence of the debugger, and changes things based on that?