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Reading unavailable pin.



I have a program that will run on STM32G030C8 or STM32G030K8. C8 has a 48pin case, K8 - 32pin. The PC13 port is available in C8, there is no output in K8. If I read this pin in K8, it always returns 0, regardless of whether I turn on the pullup. Will there be such a reading in each copy or can they be random values? I want to use this pin to detect pcb type. Is it possible that the pins that are not led out are shorted to the gnd inside? My friend once turned on such a pin as an output and set it to 1 and the chip got very hot and then it broke. I want use it only as input. If you know how it is constructed let me know.



If you want a guarantee, what is can be found on the datasheet and reference manual. The rest won't. It like asking what happens if I am on the highway and I switch gear to reverse?

STM32 has chip ID and maybe package ID which should be a better way of doing it.


Package ID only solves part of pcb combination. And just for package ID there is some inconsistency with the manual. C8 has PKG = 7 and that's ok, K8 in manual = 4 and in fact is = 5.

> K8 in manual = 4 and in fact is = 5

That's a documentation error then.

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