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Read and write SDRAM using Dual Core STM32H7



I have been working with STM32H7 microcontrollers for a while now but have always used the single core. Now I want to use the Dual core to read and write data in the external SDRAM. I have looked through all materials available online but could not find a particular way.

I have a few other questions

  1. Can read write operations take place simultaneously into the SDRAM from the 2 cores. Eg: Read SDRAM using core M7 at the same time write write data into the SDRAM using core M4
  2. Exchange of data between the two cores

Kindly help me out with these clarifications

Thank you


It should access just like any other memory, via its specific address space.

It doesn't "take place simultaneously", one core gets there first, and the accesses are arbitrated by the bus.

For basic inter-core messaging, use the dual-ported RAM, and HSEM as the primary methods.

The SDRAM can be used, but will be relatively less efficient.

Watch cache-coherency, you'd probably want caching on the M7 side, to reduce the latency/penalties, but you could subdivide the MPU space to cached/non-cached.

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Thank you for your response sir.