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Problems getting the CAN transciever on STM32F769I-EVAL Board running


I want to use the STM32F769I-EVAL Board to monitor a CAN netork. I configured the CAN module as it has been shown in the CAN_Loopback and in the CAN_Networking example.

The Loopback Example does run on my eval-board. I take that as confirmation, that I set up the CAN module the richt way. However the loopback mode does not use the transciever chip because the TX Signal is directly send back on the RX Line. I tested all possible jumper combinations with JP14, JP18 and JP19. Has anyone suggestions how to get the transciever working?

Karl Yamashita
Lead II

if you want to use the CAN_Loopback example to use the CAN transceiver, then you need to modify the mode to

CanHandle.Init.Mode = CAN_MODE_NORMAL;

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