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Please use B&W text in documentation

In some newer STM32 documents, such as ES0418, text is rendered in various tints of blue. This results in decreased readability and problems when printing.

Can ST please constrain fancy color schemes to marketing material, and use conservative black-on-white in the technical documents.

Please do communicate this across management levels who may not be aware of real users' needs.


Jan Waclawek

PS. Other users, if agree, please add a "+1" reply



Associate II

Agreed. Please keep "more modern look and feel" out of technical docs. Or are you going to start using emojis too?

"Print in grayscale" is not helpful -- it results in lower contrast!

Besides the "modern feel and look" which just unnecessarily gets into way, now the devboards (Nuclei, Discos) documents started to bloat to several tens of megabytes, e.g. DB2196 - Rev 13 has 24 megabytes and only 7 pages (i.e. maybe around 10kB of text). This is probably due to the unnecessarily huge embedded picture of the board, 3880 x 4625 Pixels (17.94 MPixels), which is absolutely unnecessary for this document.

ST, can you please apply some reasonable sanity when creating technical documentation?

Please use modern feel and look and bloated pictures only in the marketing material.

Can whomever is responsible at ST for the decision to use "modern feel and look" in the technical documentation, please come and discuss here under her/his own name, so that she/he can directly exchange opinions with the real users of those documents?



See Figure 16 form SMPS step-down converter

Hard to focus on, the darn thing has a drop-shadow on the diagram, WTF


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Okay, so the "modern feel and look" plague spread to the very core - DS13195 (STM32H7A3 DS).

Besides the font color, also the feature list (of which the most important part was so far on a single page) now spreads 3 pages, with unnecessary white space.

ST, please stop the decline of the documentation quality.


Andreas Bolsch
Lead II

Although I'd strongly support the impression of "modern feel and look" plague, I'd like to emphasize some points for a particular datasheet:

  • Most documents bloated up unneccessarily, e.g. DS13139 (STM32H7B3) makes up 6 MBytes, simple piping through gs (without any visible loss!) leaves only 3.3 Mbytes. If you keep a lot of these documents for reference ... And even for ST the download bandwith does cost money.

But there also some improvements:

  • JTAG/SWD characteristics included (most older datasheets omit these)
  • Alternate functions: AF0-15 all in one table now, instead of split into two tables with AF0-7 and AF8-15, makes it easier to handle
Lead II

+1 I recently came across the problem ...