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low power measurement for nucleo L073RZ with stlink-v3pwr

Associate II


I just brought the stlink-v3pwr. I also have the nucleo L073rz. I want measure the current consumption. To do that I wrote a simple example by calculating the float values multiple times and then provide 1 sec delay. I supply power to the nucleo board by connecting the 3.3v on the CN6 and gnd from the stlink-v3pwr. I upload the fimrware with the with the onboard debugger, and measure the current consumption. The result were expected, I am getting the low power on the 1 sec delay and slight high power when the mcu is doing the calculation. For measuring the absolute current consumption I remove the onboard stlink and then tried to measure the current. In all cases its 750 uA. How the measure the actual current consuption when the power delivered is form 3.3v ?