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Looking for the source code for the demonstration program, blinking LEDs, on the Nucleo STM32F413ZH


I'm new to STM32 and I just got my first Nucleo board. There is a program on board that blinks the red LED quickly. If I press the user button it will switch to the blue LED blinking at medium speed and then the green LED at slow speed then back to red.

I want to be able to restore back the the original state of the Nucleo so I am looking for the source code project. I did search online. I came across a document that referred me to the STM32Cube MCU Package which I downloaded. But the program in there for blinking the LEDs does not have the same functionality.

I could also use this project as a starting point for adding additional features so I can learn the STM32. (I did the same thing when I started with Arduino.)

If the project is not available, then would it work if I used the STMCubeProgrammer to save the non-blank flash memory (looks like addresses 0x08000000 - 0x08008c27) to a bin or hex or srec file and then later restore the program from that file?


Kamil Duljas
Senior III

You can download from nucleo to your pc whole flash memory and restore it later through programming 🙂

ST Employee


Simply use Cube programmer tool and save the content of the Flash, then restore back it if needed.

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Yes saving original content is usually a solid way of getting back to where you started..



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Thanks everyone for confirming about restoring the flash.

I did look at GPIO_IOToggle but it's not identical to the program on the board. The program on the board blinks three LEDs but only one at a time and at different speeds. The GPIO program looks like it blinks two LEDs at the same time. I hadn't looked at the Demonstration program before. I got thrown off by it containing files for disk I/O and FAT file system. But looking at what it does with the LEDs, it only blinks one of the LEDs but at three different speeds.

So I guess the actual program source is not available?

Not a big problem though. I'll just use the GPIO program and experiment with it and I can always restore back to the original.