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Hi, I don't see can filters in CubeMx. Someone point me where set it?
The newest CubeMX 6.9 does not generate  HAL_SYSTICK_IRQHandler in  SysTick_Handler Moreover, when you disable Hal handler in CubeMX, for disable this option for systick, it removes  Hal_IncTick With enabled option:  
In document programmin manual, PM0253,  SHPR1-3 registers allow to set priority for following handlers:but Debug monitor writes to reserved field PRI_12:The same ambigious is in Cortex M4 and perhaps in all  
When set divider by 8 for cortex system timer, Cube doesn't generate properly code like below: HAL_SYSTICK_CLKSourceConfig(SYSTICK_CLKSOURCE_HCLK_DIV8)   
Hi,I found two bugs related to priority group in STM32CubeIde 12.0 and newer. When try change priority group in NVIC tab, for example from NVIC_PRIORITYGROUP_4 to NVIC_PRIORITYGROUP_2, HAL_Init() function always use NVIC_PRIORITYGROUP_4: HAL_StatusTy...
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